Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SEX drives the commercial world !!!

Women used to find fault with Men for their sexual overtures. Rather than being subdued, men should rather brush aside such intimidations and be happy about the social responsibility that they hold.

Consider a world sans sex drive and its repercussions. No population increase and its related fallout. Gloomy days for beauty products, flashy vehicles, clothes & accessories, and most of the FMCG products would see the slump. When there is no demand, companies will shut shop and unemployment rates will hit record high.

A small example would explain the commercials better. We use more napkins for babies in a week than the number of napkins used by women during their menstrual cycle. Hence, women getting pregnant and the related population increase, is more beneficial to the commercial world.

So let us stop accusing men for their always-on sex antenna. Rather credit them for doing tremendous service to the society. It is because of their enhanced sex drive, this commercial world strives. Otherwise this world would become static and colourless.

However men should not force any woman into sex. They may continue to give leads and leave it to the women folk to accept or reject it. Doing so the commercial world would continue to flourish and feed its beneficiaries.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Research on Sexual Orientation

A recent study has found evidence that homosexuality is linked to genetics. Though the funding for this study is still a question, such studies can be avoided in the first place for the following reasons:

- ‘Sponsored Studies’ in future might link pedophilia, zoophilia and incest to genetics too. In that case, are we ready to accept them?

- Some parents might press the abortion button, if they come to know about the possible sexual preference of the feotus?

- And in the worst case lobbying groups might press for population increase (through human cloning & genetic modification) of ‘differently inclined’ to counter the ‘genuine’ offensive of heterosexuals. Will this lead us to a war between these two groups?
Hope the scientific community understand the gravity of this problem and stay away from such studies.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life beyond (artificial) borders...

Hatred is spreading its wings in India (and world too). Once the division (major) was based on caste. Now, when inter-caste marriages are being supported to bridge the caste divide, new set of divisions like religion, ethnicity are being forced on us by the opportunists.

When I saw reports about a disturbed gun wielding Bihari being killed by Mumbai police in an empty bus (they could have easily arrested him than killing), I could sense how intolerant our society has become now. It is forcing many to take to extremism !! If such intolerance is not weeded out, as mentioned by me earlier, we may move to a stage where individuals will be nations !!!

In my family we seldom (excuse the oldies!) go based on caste-based leanings. In fact, few recent marriages in our family were inter-caste marriages. I’m happy that such a change is happening and I wholeheartedly support the current generation to go for it. This is how we mature as a tolerant society. I hope children from such inter-caste families would shun caste/ethnicity and pave way for a division-less society in future.

In the same way, I support trans border movement too. People should be encouraged/welcomed to work in other states/region. The government can provide additional grants to those villages whose demography is multi-ethnic (may be 75:25 ratio) and bar anyone from holding any public office (for life) if they incite ethnic violence (like Raj of MNS). This may pave way for more cross border movement and a mature society, which is both humanist and competitive (anyone who is ready to test in unknown waters is competitive too). Movement/presence of talent across will help in equitable development too.

And last but not the least, I wish more inter-religious marriages happen too and ultimately people shun religion and become atheist/humanists like me ;-)

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Religious Conversions and Attacks on Humanity

When MNS's Raj Thackeray use violence to 'protect' locals, we shout 'against' him. If the same tactics are used by BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal against other religions, we 'support' them. Same cause...opposite reactions.

When Marketing companies convert us (continuously) from one product to other (at times even abusing the competitor product), we convert willingly without thinking about the process/means used for conversion. We prefer to be converted by marketing companies from using Pottery, Khadi clothes, Shikakai, Barathanatyam, Kathakali, Full Meals and other traditional practices to the newer ones like Tupperware, Denims, Hair Conditioners, Salsas, Pizzas and the likes. We are rather happy to market alien products (at the cost of our tradition), get hefty salaries and go on world tour with the 'converted' money. We are ready to accept these conversions (which directly affect us), than the religious conversions, which are third party ones.

As an atheist, I'm against religions and religious conversions. But when innocent people (though they are religious) are being attacked and killed for ulterior motives, the perpetrators need to be exposed of their hollow fundamentals.

My dear fellow human beings, religion and religious conversions are nothing but business these days. As west has almost rejected religion, Christian religious leaders are now looking at new avenues for funding. They find their target crowd in Asia and Africa. In India they find the disadvantaged section as the soft target. This section which is being kept away from entering temples by one section of Hindu population, find solace in another religion. There starts the exploitation and the control war.

The point to be noted here is; the revenue base is shrinking for both the groups. Hence their leaders are making their moves to either expand their revenue base or retain it at any cost. The result is the suffering, heightened tension and loss of lives & property of the already marginalized. The sufferers continue to suffer and the leaders live a cosy life exploiting them more.

The only solution for this problem is…shun religion and embrace Humanism.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Allah – the Most Powerful God ?!

“We the Indian Mujahideen, ask Allah, the Almighty, to accept from us these nine explosions which were planned to be executed in the holy month of Ramadan”

The above text is part of the email sent by Indian Mujahideen group to media in the midst of the Delhi bombings (13th September 2008).

A supposed God is being offered human lives and this happens continuously across the world. Considering the continuous successes of these terror groups in planting bombs and killing the innocent, looks like the other gods (Christian & Hindu gods) are meek spectators and Allah looks like a barbarian who continues to support his follower’s bloodthirsty manoeuvres. Hindu & Christian God’s intelligence units have failed pathetically to warn their followers. Have they lost their heavenly powers?

Apropos, looks like the equation favours Allah now. As of now Allah is the Usain Bolt in the battle of supremacy. In the 21st century religious battle, one religion/god looks like an easy winner (may be because the others are tolerant). But who is going to win the WAR?

Has the human mind gone insane?

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Socialism or Capitalism or So-capitalism ?

Given an option of staying static or being dynamic, most of us would prefer the dynamic state. No doubt capitalism aids dynamism, but socialists are against capitalism because of the increasing gap between the rich and the poor and also the means used by the capitalists to achieve the end result. The means used often result in tweaking the system, which in turn results in dilution of the system, aids corruption and ultimately results in crashing of the system (like Enron).

On the contrary consider a situation, where the society as a whole embraces a ‘static’ system where people live of (only) natural resources. For food they rely only on naturally available fruits and nuts. They are not allowed to store. A ‘static’ system is created is such a way that no one need to aspire for more or compete with each other for tomorrow. That would be an ideal state to live in.

But nature has other intentions. It is not in the control of human beings. We may come across a Tsunami, a Hurricane, Drought or a change in course of a river like the Kosi.

In such emergencies, such a ‘static’ system would collapse. A river like Kosi may submerge their entire food belt as well as their habitation. Here comes the need to store food and to build dams. Not many will take that as a responsibility (in a ‘static’ world), unless suitably rewarded. There starts the capitalism.

Some may suggest state controlled socialism as an option here. Unfortunately it has failed. Man by nature is individualistic (at the extreme point) and prefers a higher reward (competitive) for his hard work. That is why socialism has failed in most of the countries.

Apropos, Capitalism has come to stay. But the issue is the greed, which drives the capitalist force to amass all the wealth by tweaking the system and in turn weakening the fundamental structures of the system.

What’s the alternative? A controlled capitalist economy; where an individual’s share of profit is reduced after they reach a comfortable limit. A person may require ‘X’ amount (say $1 Billion, excluding company assets) to lead a luxurious life and to take care of his future generation (upto 2nd generation). Anyone who crosses that limit shall be automatically placed in a slab where the excess profit is routed to the employees & government (ie the net savings is always maintained at ‘X’ limit). 50% of the money thus ‘forcefully saved’ shall be disbursed to the company workforce & shareholders and the remaining 50% be routed to the government for education, health, infrastructure and other public use.

This might stop big corporations & industrialists from influencing the policy decisions of the government covertly. The successful businessmen who continue to create wealth (irrespective of their wealth being routed for social cause) for their shareholders and government shall be suitably awarded with public posts. Their expertise would transform the local bodies as best administered. As they have enough wealth and are further restricted from making more, their effort will be more focussed towards public service and gaining recognition. When more such successful public service oriented businessmen join the system, public service will see a transformation, which in turn will have a positive cascading effect on the society …

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cricket in Olympics and Asian Games

This is in continuation to one of my previous post ‘Watch out FIFA…’
A game is considered for inclusion in Olympics, only when it is played by atleast 75 countries (for men and 50 for women) spread across 4 continents. Though this rule sounds good to ensure the spread of the game and wider participation, this shouldn’t be the only criteria.

There are certain games like Fencing, Equestrian, Archery, Shooting, etc which may be played in many countries but by a ‘miniscule’ population with lesser audience. Also most of these games may not require much physical fitness for the participating players. On the other hand a game like cricket is played by many and has a much bigger audience (more than a billion people spread across South Asia, Europe, Oz, Africa, Middle East, etc).

Member search for game based communities in a popular networking platform gave the following results:

Fencing - 64 members
Equestrian - 141 members
Archery - 549 members
Shooting - 2776 members

And some of the toppers are:

Badminton - 13,292 members
Tennis - 22,911 members
Football - 92,643 members
Basketball - 138,451 members
Cricket - 157,287 members

This clearly shows the popularity for Cricket as a game with a much bigger following compared to current Olympics events like Fencing, Equestrian, Archery and Shooting. This doesn’t mean WWE (122,198 members) deserves a place in Olympics. WWE is not a competitive sport.

Cricket deserves a place, not only because it has a bigger following but its players are more tougher compared to players of many other games in Olympics. Cricket players can easily play a 30 minute TT game, but TT players will collapse if they play even a one day game (test match is not even in their dreams). Also for overall development of a player, my vote always goes for Cricket, because it is not only a physical game, but a strategic mental game too. This game nurtures leadership qualities, team management, strategy and some more related inputs wrt management.
Cricket’s shorter version, T20 Cricket will be a perfect fit for Olympics. I’m happy that T20 is included in the 2010 Asian Games. Hope the organizers take into consideration the positives of Cricket and include it in its regular events calendar from 2016 Olympics onwards.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Indian Origin Players, Indian Olympic Dream and Cricket

Its Olympics time again, and the regular hues and cries about India’s performance in Olympics.

Hockey is the only sport, in which India has done well in Olympics. It has won 8 gold medals (including 6 in a row), 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in this event. Unfortunately India has not qualified for this year’s event.

Other than Hockey, India has not done well in other events of Olympics. However there are certain events like Cricket’s T20 or Chess, which has good players from India. If these events are made regular events in Olympics, am sure India will do better in these events. (Read watch out FIFA…ICC gonna dent your profit margin).

Now coming to worst performances by Indians in Olympics, I see lots of people blaming the corrupt system for such worst performances. But we should also note that even India’s south Asian neighbours (also countries in Asia pacific region) have not done well in Olympics. Thus we can’t blame the system alone for this failure. The possible blame game can be the genetic factors** / body features, than the corrupt system.

If the Indian system has to be blamed for poor performance, then atleast the 3rd generation Indians in South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore (where they are in sizable number) or those from American continent and European continent should have done well for their adopted country. Rather there are only a handful PIOs (People of Indian Origin) who have won medals for their adopted country, like Alexi Grewal (cyclist) and Mohini Bhardwaj (gymnastics).

However in Hockey there are good no. of PIOs who have played well in Olympics. In fact though India is not represented in this year’s hockey event, there are sizable no. of PIOs in 2008 Olympics. PIOs like Sukhwinder Singh, Ravi Kahlon, Ranjeev Deol, Bindi Singh Kullar, Ken Pereira and Wayne Fernandes will represent Canada’s Olympic hockey squad.

Hence let us not blame Cricket or the system for the below par performance in other games. Let us build on our strengths and start extending maximum help to other events. In this process, we will continue to taste success in those events where we are strong (like Cricket, Chess & Hockey) and may taste success in other events too.

People are taken to certain sports naturally – like Football in Latin America, TT in China/Japan/Korea belt, Badminton in Asia Pacific belt and Cricket in South Asia. We play or watch games, because we derive happiness out of it. If a particular game provides that, support it rather than criticizing it and forcing it to die. Use that game’s commercial advantage to supplement other event's growth, and not at the cost of other.

Wishing India all the best in Beijing Olympics 2008.

**genetic factors (taken from net)

- Slow twitch muscles are good for endurance sports. Kenyans are born with a high number of slow twitch fibres. No doubt East (as well as North) Africans dominate the longer distances.

- 100 to 400 meters records are mostly held by athletes of West African ancestry. Athletes of West African ancestry hold 97 percent of top sprint times, including 494 of the top 500 100-meter times.

- Whites have upper-body strength, which contributes to their domination of weightlifting, field events such as the shot put and hammer (whites hold 46 of the top 50 throws), and the offensive line in football.

- Where flexibility is key, East Asians shine, such as in diving and some skating and gymnastic events

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Homosexuals and Adoption

As mentioned earlier, given an option I would neither condone nor aggressively oppose same sex marriages for the reasons cited below:

1. They are against law of nature
2. Their adopted children may grow in a state of confusion / identity crisis
3. “Consenting Adults” as an operative word could be misused for future parent-child (grown up child is an adult too) or any other abnormal sexual relationships too.

The last point may sound a bit exaggerated, but when i look at certain happenings around the world, am quite convinced that such developments too can happen, if we continue to approve such digressions. One best example here is North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). As same sex relationships are given a base now, similar groups like NAMBLA will cry for recognition in future.

Now comes the question of adoption by Homosexual couples. I don’t want to question here the good intention of providing a better life to deserving children, but that of the basic conceptual flaw. When they don’t subscribe to the natural way of procreation, why do they need children? If they really feel like helping the children, they can very well donate the amount to the orphanages.

Now the important reason which prompted me to write a post on adoption by homosexuals. Recently I read a news report about 2 boys who (for financial gains) duped others posing as transgender. Like wise pedeophiles may act as same sex couples, adopt children and abuse them.

Hence (as per me), natural parental guidance (ie heterosexual parents) is the best option for a child.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father of 1000 children ?

As mentioned earlier, marriage as an institution has lost its value in this individualistic society and may see its natural death one day.

Alternative sexual habits, sedentary life style, sexual dysfunction, increasing number of single mothers and sexual violence against women are among few reasons to have contributed to growth of donor children.
Usually sperm donors prefer to stay anonymous. However the issue is, if a certain sample is popular, there is a possibility of more women opting for that sperm sample. Will it lead to one person becoming biological father to 1000 children?

Though 1000 is a bit exaggerated, there is a possibility for good number of children having the same biological father in a locality. There comes the problem. If they start romancing without knowing that they are half-siblings, they may end up producing children with medical problems...

Here comes the need for revealing the identity of the donor at the beginning itself, so that half-siblings or even parent-child romance does not happen later. However, the donor should be given legal immunity wrt any future financial assistance, if they opt so.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is setback really a setback?

What constitutes/define setback or bad happening?

We neither know our past (before birth) nor our future (after death). Birth to death is a process. During this process we arrive here with a zero and leave this place without anything. In that case, is it not being natural (ie remaining zero) advantageous?

Apropos, isn't a loss mean being taken back to original, forcefully by nature? Considering the fact that we leave this world without anything, natural deletion of an unnatural addition looks like a genuine process too !!!

Hence my dear friends, when there is a setback, don’t worry…because it looks more natural and genuine too. However that doesn’t mean you remain a pauper ever, because dynamism drives us.

Smile at small things in life. Don’t worry when there is a setback in life, because it could be a natural process as mentioned above. Be dynamic and be happy always. Life is journey. Face it…

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Justify Fascism ?!

Gujarat riots 2002, is one among the crudest form of State Terrorism. A look at the following picture taken during that riots will speak volumes…

The reason(s), which prompted me to revisit this issue:
1. The guilty is not punished yet
2. A section of people who supports such a fascist government, under development plank.

Regarding point no.1, though am not happy at the pace at which the Gujarat trials are on, atleast am happy that the process is still on. However the reason for mentioning it as point no.1 - justice delayed is justice denied too.

Now the second one: Yes, it’s true that Gujarat is developing fast under Narendra Modi. However should that be used to insulate him and his government against this state sponsored terrorism?

Remember, all these developments have a common base called ‘human beings’. It is to fulfill the likes and dislikes of this base; such developments take place. When that common base is itself a target for destruction (that too by its protector), the development plank loses its meaning. The role that has been entrusted on a government is to protect its citizens, under any circumstance. When that gets diluted, the basic objective is defeated and the government ceases to exist. Such state sponsored terrorism will pave way for more fascist ideologies to spread, which ultimately destroys the basic foundation around which all these developments happen – ie human beings.

Hence dear friends, do support those developments, which help in the advancement of human beings. But please denounce those, which are basically fascist in nature and bane to the society in the long run.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Individuals as Nations

CCCP – this was one acronym, which was discussed with passion during my school days. Probably because Indo-USSR relations was great then, which helped the students of India to know more about Soviet culture and their technological advancements thru subsidized books on technology & culture, sold by Soviet Cultural centers. Then came the Perestroika of Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and the dissolution of USSR in 1991. I thought then, is this the beginning of fall of nations…

However I had hopes because only the previous year Bonn & Berlin came together. But the subsequent events gave a different picture. The dissolution of countries like Czechoslovakia in 1992 and Yugoslavia (which started in 1991) into many smaller countries, with the final casualty being Kosovo.

Though the formation of EU is a welcome sign, the happenings around the world give a different picture. Tolerance level towards other culture and helping mentality is hitting record lows these days. The recent one being the show of strength by two Indian states Tamilnadu & Karnataka for sharing of ‘Drinking Water’. If this trend continues, tomorrow even smaller ethnic regions (districts) will fight against each other and finally every individual will end up as a separate nation!

This is possible considering the current/future technological developments like IPv6 or its higher versions, which will ensure the platform for every individual to act independently. Also humans in pursuit of newer things may explore the possibility of an individual based networked world as mentioned in my novice sci-fi series.

Whether these developments happen or not, the current trend of disintegration of countries is not a welcome trend, because unity is strength. China & India are developing as bigger economies because the size of the population and its combined output and consumption matters. If disintegration happens, such an economy may loose out on the economics of scale. Let better sense prevail…

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Can incentives eliminate corruption?

Corruption in government sector is on the rise. This has a cascading effect, which is not good in the long run.

Number of honest people in the government system is going down day by day. One main reason could be the salary levels (official) for government servants (including politicians). No honest person can survive in this inflationary market, unless he bends his approach. This is one main reason, which prompts honest people to turn to high paying private jobs than government jobs. This has given free hand to filthy politicians and corrupt bureaucrats, to spoil the whole system.

Under this circumstance, can the private sector type variable pay model and incentive model do wonders in minimizing corruption if not totally eliminating it. First we have to identify those roles, which are developmental oriented. Increase their salaries on par with private or even more and introduce incentive scheme and variable pay too. This will attract the best talent to government sector (including politics).

Incentive programs should be structured/devised in a way to induce the govt. servants to give out their best performance. For example, in infrastructure projects a percentage of the project cost should be demarcated for incentive. This incentive can be given to the key contributors in the project (including the minister), if it is completed before time/in time with minimum cost and maximum quality. If there is an over-run, then the demarcated money shall be carried forward. In police dept. such incentives can be given to those under whose jurisdiction the crime rates are the minimum.

Such an incentive based dynamic system will attract the best of the talent and will make them to remain honest too, because they earn/get their essentials (ie monetary benefits) through rightful means.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bible – needs revision?

Though I don’t accept Bible as a holy scripture, I feel the time has come for its revision atleast…

When we write against incest relationships in discussion forums, they (those who like/support incest relationship) immediately give reference of incest relationships in Bible.

As per them, population increased, because the first family (Adam, Eve and their children) practiced incest. Why should Bible condone such incident and set precedent. There are also other references of incest like Noah family and Lot.
Its true that we don’t have a rosy picture of our sexual past, but the collective wisdom of generations be commended for creating a social order. When we look at the mushrooming of incest & other abnormal sexual groups in the social networking space, it’s alarming. The incest lovers take an easy escape route, pointing out the incidents quoted in the religious books.

Thus, as mentioned earlier, religion and its scriptures look more sinister than divine. As we move forward towards humanism/atheism, we need to discard or revise those, which are impediments, like the Bible.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forced Change – towards abnormal behaviour !!

This is in continuation to one of my previous post on outside influence (forced) towards abnormal social change. I’ve no issues if these forced changes are for betterment. Unfortunately it is not so. Recently I came across an online poll “who’s the sexiest celebrity mom” in rediff.com:
Such polls give an opportunity to the opportunistic lot to exploit the fickle mind, which is already at its damaging low. I was browsing through few responses and some of them were shocking. There was one reader who wrote a sick comment (fortunately it was reported abuse and blocked) about mother and there were few equally sinister replies for the same. The screen shot of the same is given below:

When the social networking sites are already flooded with incest groups, is it not the responsibility of media to curb its spread than being a catalyst for forced social change (bad). Historical facts (and the behaviour of animal kingdom) may not give a rosy picture of our sexual past, but the collective wisdom of generations be commended for creating a social order. Parent-Child relationship is something, which can’t be taken to cheap levels for gaining publicity. There may be few aberrations, which can be discarded than highlighted.
Such polls, which prompt the human mind to assess a mother on sexual parameters, should not be encouraged. They (celebrity or otherwise) deserve a better treatment.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Listed Brothels in Fortune 500 List ?

This is in continuation to my previous post Live-Sex SBU.

I came across the following information at ‘actionaidindia’ site: “In Punjab among the upper caste Jat Sikh community just 500 girls were found for every 1000 boys in rural areas. In urban Punjab among Brahmins the ratio is a shocking 300”.

This sex ratio is quite shocking. If this trend continues, the dwindling female population would lead to social issues. In search of a partner, men may go overboard. Would that lead to approval of more listed brothels like the first listed brothel – Daily Planet.

My analysis is not only from the point of worsening sex-ratio, but also the increasing ratio of lesbians and female sex abuse (increase in number of cases reported for rape, molestation, online frauds). There are also chances that single women may prefer to have male baby, considering the female child sex abuses. This may further dent the sex ratio and strengthen organised brothels. If that happens more brothels may go public and get listed. Who knows (in future) few of them may also get a chance to get listed in the Fortune 500 List due to robust business/growth.

Considering online frauds, may be we will also come across more such boards (see below) in future !!!