Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is setback really a setback?

What constitutes/define setback or bad happening?

We neither know our past (before birth) nor our future (after death). Birth to death is a process. During this process we arrive here with a zero and leave this place without anything. In that case, is it not being natural (ie remaining zero) advantageous?

Apropos, isn't a loss mean being taken back to original, forcefully by nature? Considering the fact that we leave this world without anything, natural deletion of an unnatural addition looks like a genuine process too !!!

Hence my dear friends, when there is a setback, don’t worry…because it looks more natural and genuine too. However that doesn’t mean you remain a pauper ever, because dynamism drives us.

Smile at small things in life. Don’t worry when there is a setback in life, because it could be a natural process as mentioned above. Be dynamic and be happy always. Life is journey. Face it…

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