Friday, September 26, 2008

Religious Conversions and Attacks on Humanity

When MNS's Raj Thackeray use violence to 'protect' locals, we shout 'against' him. If the same tactics are used by BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal against other religions, we 'support' them. Same cause...opposite reactions.

When Marketing companies convert us (continuously) from one product to other (at times even abusing the competitor product), we convert willingly without thinking about the process/means used for conversion. We prefer to be converted by marketing companies from using Pottery, Khadi clothes, Shikakai, Barathanatyam, Kathakali, Full Meals and other traditional practices to the newer ones like Tupperware, Denims, Hair Conditioners, Salsas, Pizzas and the likes. We are rather happy to market alien products (at the cost of our tradition), get hefty salaries and go on world tour with the 'converted' money. We are ready to accept these conversions (which directly affect us), than the religious conversions, which are third party ones.

As an atheist, I'm against religions and religious conversions. But when innocent people (though they are religious) are being attacked and killed for ulterior motives, the perpetrators need to be exposed of their hollow fundamentals.

My dear fellow human beings, religion and religious conversions are nothing but business these days. As west has almost rejected religion, Christian religious leaders are now looking at new avenues for funding. They find their target crowd in Asia and Africa. In India they find the disadvantaged section as the soft target. This section which is being kept away from entering temples by one section of Hindu population, find solace in another religion. There starts the exploitation and the control war.

The point to be noted here is; the revenue base is shrinking for both the groups. Hence their leaders are making their moves to either expand their revenue base or retain it at any cost. The result is the suffering, heightened tension and loss of lives & property of the already marginalized. The sufferers continue to suffer and the leaders live a cosy life exploiting them more.

The only solution for this problem is…shun religion and embrace Humanism.

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