Thursday, December 04, 2008

Research on Sexual Orientation

A recent study has found evidence that homosexuality is linked to genetics. Though the funding for this study is still a question, such studies can be avoided in the first place for the following reasons:

- ‘Sponsored Studies’ in future might link pedophilia, zoophilia and incest to genetics too. In that case, are we ready to accept them?

- Some parents might press the abortion button, if they come to know about the possible sexual preference of the feotus?

- And in the worst case lobbying groups might press for population increase (through human cloning & genetic modification) of ‘differently inclined’ to counter the ‘genuine’ offensive of heterosexuals. Will this lead us to a war between these two groups?
Hope the scientific community understand the gravity of this problem and stay away from such studies.

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Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Imagine what this would do to the fashion world. And theater!

In other news, I was at a training by the state of Colorado a few weeks ago and we were talking about pedophilia and it turns out it actually might be a sexual preference. I found this very upsetting. Although its still possible to draw a clear line in my mind between acceptable and not in this case. Homosexuality should be acceptable since a person has no control over it AND it is consensual between two (at least hopefully) competent adults. Pedophilia, while a person may have this as a sexual preference they have no control over, hurts children and does not occur on a level playing field.
Probably way more than you wanted in a comment. Sorry, I'm good at that.