Friday, August 07, 2009

Ban on Bus Advertisements

The Madras (Chennai) High Court recently directed the Tamilnadu Transport department to remove all advertisements from the exteriors of all public and private transport buses in the state within a timeframe. This was in response to a PIL filed which contended that these advts distract vehicle users/drivers and affect the normal transmission of light.

Though the PIL and ruling is in the interest of general public, i have a different take on this. As per the recent study, men spend 1 year of their lifetime ogling at women. It is now evident that we men (ie vehicle users & drivers) tend to look more at beautiful women on the pavements and nearby than the advts on the bus :)

Apropos, will the court now direct all the beautiful women to stay away from road pavements, so that more accidents can be avoided! Another option is, they can be directed to wear burkha when they come out. Also, what about the advertisements which are displayed outside the shops. Vehicle users look at those advts too.

Advts on bus is a revenue generating activity for the cash-starved transport corporations. Rather than banning them outrightly, the court can restrict their over exploitation.

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