Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Individuals as Nations

CCCP – this was one acronym, which was discussed with passion during my school days. Probably because Indo-USSR relations was great then, which helped the students of India to know more about Soviet culture and their technological advancements thru subsidized books on technology & culture, sold by Soviet Cultural centers. Then came the Perestroika of Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and the dissolution of USSR in 1991. I thought then, is this the beginning of fall of nations…

However I had hopes because only the previous year Bonn & Berlin came together. But the subsequent events gave a different picture. The dissolution of countries like Czechoslovakia in 1992 and Yugoslavia (which started in 1991) into many smaller countries, with the final casualty being Kosovo.

Though the formation of EU is a welcome sign, the happenings around the world give a different picture. Tolerance level towards other culture and helping mentality is hitting record lows these days. The recent one being the show of strength by two Indian states Tamilnadu & Karnataka for sharing of ‘Drinking Water’. If this trend continues, tomorrow even smaller ethnic regions (districts) will fight against each other and finally every individual will end up as a separate nation!

This is possible considering the current/future technological developments like IPv6 or its higher versions, which will ensure the platform for every individual to act independently. Also humans in pursuit of newer things may explore the possibility of an individual based networked world as mentioned in my novice sci-fi series.

Whether these developments happen or not, the current trend of disintegration of countries is not a welcome trend, because unity is strength. China & India are developing as bigger economies because the size of the population and its combined output and consumption matters. If disintegration happens, such an economy may loose out on the economics of scale. Let better sense prevail…

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IdleMind said...

Politics of water and land have plagued us since Independence (or even before). We don't like to fight (non-violence?) ... but we do want to politicize everything under the sun ... reason: vote banks, may be. Poor show of a shady democratic process. I wonder why citizens support this theory, it should be straightaway rejected. What say u?