Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forced Change – towards abnormal behaviour !!

This is in continuation to one of my previous post on outside influence (forced) towards abnormal social change. I’ve no issues if these forced changes are for betterment. Unfortunately it is not so. Recently I came across an online poll “who’s the sexiest celebrity mom” in
Such polls give an opportunity to the opportunistic lot to exploit the fickle mind, which is already at its damaging low. I was browsing through few responses and some of them were shocking. There was one reader who wrote a sick comment (fortunately it was reported abuse and blocked) about mother and there were few equally sinister replies for the same. The screen shot of the same is given below:

When the social networking sites are already flooded with incest groups, is it not the responsibility of media to curb its spread than being a catalyst for forced social change (bad). Historical facts (and the behaviour of animal kingdom) may not give a rosy picture of our sexual past, but the collective wisdom of generations be commended for creating a social order. Parent-Child relationship is something, which can’t be taken to cheap levels for gaining publicity. There may be few aberrations, which can be discarded than highlighted.
Such polls, which prompt the human mind to assess a mother on sexual parameters, should not be encouraged. They (celebrity or otherwise) deserve a better treatment.

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IdleMind said...

Why didn't someone report abuse on the online poll itself? to me should have been severely reprimanded. What say?