Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Homosexuals and Adoption

As mentioned earlier, given an option I would neither condone nor aggressively oppose same sex marriages for the reasons cited below:

1. They are against law of nature
2. Their adopted children may grow in a state of confusion / identity crisis
3. “Consenting Adults” as an operative word could be misused for future parent-child (grown up child is an adult too) or any other abnormal sexual relationships too.

The last point may sound a bit exaggerated, but when i look at certain happenings around the world, am quite convinced that such developments too can happen, if we continue to approve such digressions. One best example here is North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). As same sex relationships are given a base now, similar groups like NAMBLA will cry for recognition in future.

Now comes the question of adoption by Homosexual couples. I don’t want to question here the good intention of providing a better life to deserving children, but that of the basic conceptual flaw. When they don’t subscribe to the natural way of procreation, why do they need children? If they really feel like helping the children, they can very well donate the amount to the orphanages.

Now the important reason which prompted me to write a post on adoption by homosexuals. Recently I read a news report about 2 boys who (for financial gains) duped others posing as transgender. Like wise pedeophiles may act as same sex couples, adopt children and abuse them.

Hence (as per me), natural parental guidance (ie heterosexual parents) is the best option for a child.

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