Friday, June 22, 2007

Sexual Orientation

One of my earlier (2005) posts on Definition: “Definition of Marriage in a dictionary is a legal union between a man and a woman. Today a marriage can be between same sexes (No slight intended). Tomorrow it could be between different species??? If such a scene becomes a reality, how do we define DEFINITION !!!”

Today same sex marriage is slowly being accepted across. WHY? Is it because of achieving critical mass?

MOST of us don't like; a father having sex with his daughter or a mother having sex with her son or a brother and sister into lovemaking or a man in 50s enjoying sex with a 9 yr old girl or a woman allowing her cat to lick her p***y or a man screwing his bitch (dog) on the road. In all the above cited examples, (as per those involved) the demonstration of love thru physical affection is by mutual consent (hence, it is justified !!!).

Recently one celebrity asked another: "How do you want to be remembered after death?". He said: "who cares". If you look deep into that answer, it has a deeper meaning. But there are certain areas; which needs practical application of mind than only theoretical.

Can we accept whatever that achieves critical mass? Theoretically yes. But what would be the after effects, if we go far beyond the refined culture?

I could sense a few – look at the increasing number of social networking groups (online), which promotes father-daughter, mother-son and brother-sister sexual relationships. Should I say, different species sex achieving critical mass and acceptance is far away. At this speed, it may happen soon…

Are we going in the right direction ???

Friday, June 15, 2007

The OTHER side of Business

Many of us have heard about corruption in public service and have lived with it. Now we will start hearing about the same in private sector too (more often) in the days to come. Having seen how businesses are run and the transformation happening over the business space now, i can confidently say Enron was only a prelude...

HR for a change is now playing a catalyst role in this dubious transformation process. They should be happy because, all these days they were only silent spectators !!! Now they get a chance to play CHANGE AGENTS. lol.

Marketing gets a cut from agencies, Accounts from suppliers, HR from consultants and so on. Accepting gift has been part of culture for long. However DEMANDING a major share eats into service providers profit margin. This more often gets reflected in the quality of the product or the price. Over expectation has never been good.

Though performance linked pay has pushed people to be more productive, there is a fall out now. In order to get that bonus, managers inflate their performance and use all dubious means to project an artificial performance. When they fall short of organic growth, they resort to inflate the bills of customers and reach the target and get their short term benefit. They are also sensible(!) to do this for shorter duration and move out of the company faster.

Such Enron type processes are happening often these days and HR is now part of this change management process. HR is now more focussed about negotiating the highest cut than initiating a sensible culture building process. No doubt the attrition levels and salary inflation are on the higher side.

Should i blame greed or the materialistic leanings. Inflation though creates a short term artificial vibrancy; is not good in the long run. During crisis, the structure will collapse resisting all the support, like the dotcom bust.

Let us not create more Enrons...