Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is setback really a setback?

What constitutes/define setback or bad happening?

We neither know our past (before birth) nor our future (after death). Birth to death is a process. During this process we arrive here with a zero and leave this place without anything. In that case, is it not being natural (ie remaining zero) advantageous?

Apropos, isn't a loss mean being taken back to original, forcefully by nature? Considering the fact that we leave this world without anything, natural deletion of an unnatural addition looks like a genuine process too !!!

Hence my dear friends, when there is a setback, don’t worry…because it looks more natural and genuine too. However that doesn’t mean you remain a pauper ever, because dynamism drives us.

Smile at small things in life. Don’t worry when there is a setback in life, because it could be a natural process as mentioned above. Be dynamic and be happy always. Life is journey. Face it…

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Justify Fascism ?!

Gujarat riots 2002, is one among the crudest form of State Terrorism. A look at the following picture taken during that riots will speak volumes…

The reason(s), which prompted me to revisit this issue:
1. The guilty is not punished yet
2. A section of people who supports such a fascist government, under development plank.

Regarding point no.1, though am not happy at the pace at which the Gujarat trials are on, atleast am happy that the process is still on. However the reason for mentioning it as point no.1 - justice delayed is justice denied too.

Now the second one: Yes, it’s true that Gujarat is developing fast under Narendra Modi. However should that be used to insulate him and his government against this state sponsored terrorism?

Remember, all these developments have a common base called ‘human beings’. It is to fulfill the likes and dislikes of this base; such developments take place. When that common base is itself a target for destruction (that too by its protector), the development plank loses its meaning. The role that has been entrusted on a government is to protect its citizens, under any circumstance. When that gets diluted, the basic objective is defeated and the government ceases to exist. Such state sponsored terrorism will pave way for more fascist ideologies to spread, which ultimately destroys the basic foundation around which all these developments happen – ie human beings.

Hence dear friends, do support those developments, which help in the advancement of human beings. But please denounce those, which are basically fascist in nature and bane to the society in the long run.

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