Saturday, December 14, 2013

Murder, Bigamy, Adultery, Incest, Theft, Dacoity, etc sections of IPC can be repealed too

Good to be back at blogging after 4 years. In fact, i've been forced to come back to save time. I'm tired of defending the recent Supreme Court of India judgement upholding section 377 of IPC in various forums and finally decided to post a blog (a sarcastic one) which can save my time. I need not type my opinion on this issue again and again, rather can just quote this as my opinion and move on. This is in continuation to my previous 2007-08 posts on Abnormal Sexual Behaviour, Adoption by Homosexuals and Sexual Orientation.

If Homosexuals can demand exemption of IPC 377 by quoting the ‘perceived’ rare homosexuals acts of over 1000 species, then the following provisions of IPC as well as many more Statutes can also be scrapped under the same logic, because the same 1000 living species are also seen exhibiting the following ‘NATURAL’ acts:

299 to 304  -  Culpable Homicide and Murder (animals kill often sometimes due to injury in fights which is CH and sometimes through planned Murder)

378, 390, 391  - Theft, Robbery and Dacoity (You might think how dacoity? Yes Hyenas are known for dacoity. lol)

493, 494, 495 & 497 – Concubine, Bigamy and Adultery (animals are known to have multiple partners)

496  -  Fradulent Marriage

And last but not the least, don’t prosecute people for their Incest relationship under 376 (there is no separate section for incest), because animals are predominantly into incestuous relationships.

Are not the above acts ‘ORIENTATION’ too ;) Too many species are seen exhibiting these acts.

If the above sections are taken out of IPC, then the Government can save lots of Tax payer money by closing scores of Magistrate courts :)

Apropos, we cannot approve every behaviour that achieves critical mass as right. If we do that, as mentioned earlier, we will open the Pandora's Box...