Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Born Terrorist

As per recent reports, even highly educated are now turning to terrorism. More disturbing is that this orientation to terrorism, is more seen among a particular community. WHY?

In few cases, the family members and neighbours were ignorant of the activities of these people. Were they brainwashed to that extent to ignore the sentiments of their near and dear? What would be the repercussions?

A community, which is already being looked at with suspicion, may face more probing eyes. This society, which is so cruel in its approach, would start questioning/probing each and every approach of people from that community. Till date a good educated neighbour, would also fall in line of probe.

Will it not further alienate this community from the mainstream? I have come across few managers who prefer not to recruit candidates from this community. I feel such approach would turn counter productive in the long run. Idle mind would be lured by DEVILS around. Then it will be a disaster for the society as a whole. Let us not allow this to happen. Give every human being on this earth an opportunity to contribute towards human betterment.

Request youth from this community (as well as other communities) not to fall prey to ulterior designs of ‘religious businessmen’. For their betterment, innocent people are being fooled.

By nature we fight for what is wrong. Be brave enough to fight for what is wrong. But let the platform be real, and not imaginary !!! Fight for real cause, not for what is not there. Don’t fall prey for other’s ulterior designs.

Before I conclude, ask the clergy: “who CREATED god?”. The most probable answer would be, “you don’t have rights to question god”. Think on that and introspect. You will see a different world from tomorrow. No one is born as a terrorist...


Irene said...

Hey DS, I too wrote about the new face of terrorism this morning. It was disturbing to read the papers and think of the repurcussions on the community you talk about. I have friends who belong to that community and I know how tough it is for them to buy a flat in a building they'd want to live in.
And good to hear from you. Hope you're well.

Sidharth said...

I have answered your comment on our blog.


Sidharth said...

I have answered to your comment again. =)