Saturday, March 10, 2007

coconut, lovemaking & sound sleep...

Y'day night I felt tired and hit the sack early. When i was slipping into that sleep zone, heard a rattling noise outside followed by barking of dogs.

It was the sound of coconut falling down. The dogs next door got convinced and mellowed down. Though disturbed, i was slipping back to sleep only to be disturbed immediately by a sudden surge in barking. Seems some street dog(s) got infuriated by that sound (falling coconut), rushed in from nearby street to make their presence felt (only to get sighted by the dogs next door - dogs are territorial you know !!!).

My sleep got FUCKED. Now that my sleep is gone (temporarily), i started THINKING !!!

Next 10 minutes i traveled around the world and BEYOND (remembered my long time question WHO CREATED GOD too) and finally came back to the event which triggered this - Why should the coconut fall at this odd time (when wind was also absent)? May be some crows or squirrels got into the mood and were into crazy LOVEMAKING atop that coconut tree !!! With that weird thought and the sound of kitchen utensils being cleaned as background ‘music’ i slipped back into sleep, only to be awakened by her bite on my ear.

I was in a mood to sleep and turned to the other side. This time she bit me on the other ear and then my lips. To avoid i turned upside down and slept exposing my back to her. She got furious and my butt bore the brunt. I felt irritated. Why such insensitiveness? To avoid her, i pulled the cover and covered my whole body. It made her think it seems, but only for a short moment. She came back with vengeance and started singing near my ear. I thought she is not going to spare me today.

After a momentary lapse, i heard the steps moving towards the switchboard, the plug noises and ...dark. Now that am completely covered with the sheet, started sweating. Felt like removing the sheet, but for her. Any way out...

It just struck me then. Removed the sheet and looked at the switchboard. It was already there. My friend had just switched on the "mosquito" repellent when the light was switched-off. I heaved a sigh of relief.

Now i can sleep peacefully - without the disturbance of her bite and song !!!

Were females first to develop weapons?

After reading the below given news item, i felt wives can now confidently throw the utensils over their erring husbands and blame their genes !!! ha.haa... Males beware !

Read the following in 'The Economic Times':

Were females first to develop weapons?
Males may have the brawn, but a study supports the theory that females used their brains to develop the first weapons. This was an evolution of necessity, the research, released on Wednesday, suggests, because females did not have the strength or leisure to compete with males for prey that could be hunted by hand. Anthropologists studying chimpanzees in Senegal have discovered that female chimps regularly gnaw down sticks and use them as spears to hunt their prey. Many animals have been known to use tools but this was the first time researchers observed an animal using a weapon to hunt.

most sought after in future...

Apropos to my previous post, seems e-security professionals community will be the most sought after & flourishing economy in future.

Will their GDP economy out-grow any other by 2500 AD ?

Keep an eye on the other sex with such skills. They could be among the richest in future !!!

Death of Nations and World War III

The way intersectional changes and crossovers happen, can we imagine a new world order tomorrow?

As people become more adaptive (credit to forced mannerisms) - religions, races and nations will have a natural death. In future, grouping & affiliations may have ‘world wide web’ as the base platform.

Apropos, will future battles and wars be over land, religion and race? One major deviation will be over ‘www’. Prelude battles are already on – look at the fight between the corporate/individuals and spammers/virus creators.

Will over-enthu guys break into highly guarded e-systems and trigger missiles? Will the next World War be over the e-space or outer space?

Death of Religion

Apropos to my question - WHO CREATED GOD ?, as more and more take to rational thinking, religion will have a natural death.

Hope the god in question appears in flesh and blood fast; save the face/'business' of religious preachers and rub salt on people like me...

Extra Marital Affairs

Given a chance:

4 Walls (including corner rooms in offices)
Back Seats of Cars
Railway Coaches
et al

will have great stories to tell...

Death of Currency Notes & Coins

The spread of IT will result in the Death of Currency Notes in about 100 years.

Payments will be thru online mode (internet/mobile), credit card or debit card. Even petty shops will be online then, and beggers would accept mobile money transfer (as being done for mobile easy-recharge now) !!!

Will it also result in the Death of Black Money and phase out of corruption ???

Future of Life Insurance

Apropos to my post "Future of Marriage", Life Insurance Companies need to rework their business plans.

When the trend moves from Joint Family to Nuclear Family to Single Parent Family to No Family, for whom he/she would take insurance !

May be life insurance companies have to shell out lots of money and innovative marketing campaigns to save the institution of marriage and in turn their business.

Exclusive God ?

Presence of God in not proved yet. In such a situation, X or Y god is itself an imagination. If an imagination can be true, then the claims of a particular section that X-God is a bachelor/spinster and would like to stay away opposite sex should also hold true, until the god himself/herself appears in flesh and blood and clarify otherwise...

If we are ready to accept a non-existent / not-seen figure, is it not right to accept a belief too (Exclusive God) ???

My views are not meant to hurt anyone, but purely an objective outlook...