Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father of 1000 children ?

As mentioned earlier, marriage as an institution has lost its value in this individualistic society and may see its natural death one day.

Alternative sexual habits, sedentary life style, sexual dysfunction, increasing number of single mothers and sexual violence against women are among few reasons to have contributed to growth of donor children.
Usually sperm donors prefer to stay anonymous. However the issue is, if a certain sample is popular, there is a possibility of more women opting for that sperm sample. Will it lead to one person becoming biological father to 1000 children?

Though 1000 is a bit exaggerated, there is a possibility for good number of children having the same biological father in a locality. There comes the problem. If they start romancing without knowing that they are half-siblings, they may end up producing children with medical problems...

Here comes the need for revealing the identity of the donor at the beginning itself, so that half-siblings or even parent-child romance does not happen later. However, the donor should be given legal immunity wrt any future financial assistance, if they opt so.