Thursday, September 27, 2007

Elder Abuse

We make them smile at different stages of life...

love their innocence

pamper them

educate them

love them

adore them

and finally neglect them !!!

The older, frail, and vulnerable section of this society deserves a better treatment... STOP ELDER ABUSE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Football vs. T20 Cricket

Watch out, FIFA… ICC is gonna dent your profit margin in the days to come.

24th September 2007 was a special day for Cricket enthusiasts in particular and Sports Entertainment in general. It was on this day the inaugural 20-20 (T20) Cricket World Cup Final was played. India vs. Pakistan. Oh what a match. An edge-of-the-seat thriller. After so many twists & turns, India heaved a sigh of relief in the final over. They won the match by 5 runs.

Though the final is over, the real game (commercial) will start from here. Anyone who watched the Australia-India SF and the India-Pakistan final will confidently say that this form of cricket (T20) is here to stay and also gonna dominate the world sports arena.

Though Test Cricket is and will be the purest form of cricket, the format was a turn off from the entertainment angle. Its 5-days format and slow scoring rate did not attract the youth much. Today’s youth prefer more of dynamism and entertainment. Thus when one-day cricket was introduced, there was a kind of momentum building up around Cricket. A game, which was once played only in British colonies, started spreading its wings. Commercial world also started supporting one-day cricket in a big way. Then came the T20 cricket format and the first T20 World Cup. A phenomenon is born. Am sure T20 will be a hit (both commercial & entertainment value) in the days to come. It will develop as the most preferred form of cricket in future.

Now the Football - T20 analysis:
- increased entertainment value (every ball)
- less time (almost equivalent to football)
- more number of matches (ie more number of teams can participate)
- commercial slot between every over (which is not there in football)
- not much of on-field fights and fouls (gentleman game)
- even women feel comfortable watching & playing cricket (more audience for advertisers)

Few of the above points, shows that T20 cricket almost equals football in value terms and in some areas like advertisement, exceeds football. When advertisers get a chance to reach general public often, obviously they will prefer T20 to football. Accordingly more money will flow into T20 format and one fine day T20 will be almost on par with Football in reach and commercial value.

However one advantage that football will always have over T20 is its simple rules and almost nil operational expense (ie playing equipment) for the starters. However that may also get discounted over a period of time, with the flow of advertisement money to every nook and corner to promote T20 cricket in schools and villages. Though football is an easy, less expensive and most popular game; the day is not far when T20 will catch up with it.

Watch out FIFA, ICC shares are on the rise…

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Is this universe an Illusion?

Theists believe God created humans.

Atheists would ask “who CREATED god?”

Millions of years have passed and there is no concrete info about God or his impending arrival. We neither know why we are born nor what we will be after death. Still for millions of years, many have gone through this unknown process (birth/death) too.

What exactly is this birth and death for? As mentioned in my first blog post here, “(if god created humans) whether there was a REAL NEED to create human beings?”. What really happened to those who are dead in these million years? How many of them are dead? Are they (dead) really not concerned about what is happening on earth even after experiencing it? Or is the ID creator insane and also very much egoistic to listen to the dead messengers? What prevents him from establishing an ideal world? Why is he not interested to visit this world often and correct the deviants? Why is he waiting for long? Why can’t the billions of dead atleast come back once and say what actually is life? Is this universe a playground? Is this world an Illusion? Too many senseless questions… LOL

Got scared. Be Cool, bcos atleast one process is relatively known to us. ie the period between our birth and death. Let us make the most of it. Go and have some beer and enjoy this beautiful world.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Give scientists a chance

For long religion in one form or other has tried to justify the existence of god. However it has failed miserably.

One hot topic, which sent shivers down the spine during school days, was the impending end of world and return of god by the end of century. That never happened. We have since then moved to different levels (like theists, atheists, agnostics, etc). I prefer to call myself an atheist now, because as mentioned in my first post here, I doubt the basic INTENTION. Even if this so called God returns in future, I won’t value him as god, because the intention was not right. For this reason I feel comfortable being identified as an atheist than an agnostic.

Now that for many years we followed religion and still not able to see god in flesh and blood, isn’t it time for us to follow and support the scientific community in its endeavor to find the source of universe? Science in its shorter span was able to give more concrete evidences and possibilities, than religion. As religion has been static in identifying the real source of life, I back the dynamic science to forge further in this endeavor and unravel the mystery surrounding us. (If not me, atleast the future generation shall benefit)

Till then (for me), neither i know the purpose of my birth nor i know what i will be after my death. As long as am alive, let my intentions be pure...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


One of my 2005 post (definition – evolution) goes like this:

“The way intersectional ideas evolve and being pursued for implementation, we can imagine a different world tomorrow. A human being may travel from Chennai to Chicago without any artificial travel support. He may run faster than Cheetah to replace a motor vehicle. Have endurance like a Camel to travel long without being exhausted. Fly like an intercontinental Siberian Crane to cross water bodies and mountains. If human is supposed to be a byproduct of a single cell, then in future he will even grow wings and fly. The fusion of genes will be more complex and advanced, that he will use his different abilities/skills in an intelligent way without getting exhausted.”
When I see the kind of advancement happening around in the intersectional space, feel some of my crude fantasies may come true. Bionic instruments, nanotechnology, gene studies, cloning and few more give room for my mind to travel to the bizarre world.
The way technological advancements happen, tomorrow’s human may not rely on FMCG products, food, et al (check my sci-fi 3007 AD). Rather he may use advanced intersectional applications and will be on a self-supporting mode. Earthly delights may not interest him then. His focus will be more on exploring the outer world.
During this process, China and India will play a major role in the economic space.

China with its cheap labour and expertise in the electronics space will churn out the much-needed chips and electronics.

India with its IT expertise, will create solutions for these intersectional applications.

And those economies, which thrive only on agricultural produce, may see their economy shrink (bcos genetically modified human may stay away from food for long). And as usual our religious-businessmen (priests) continue to give hope to the innocent minority that god is few light years away and his shuttle may land on earth anytime.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Life gives us moments like:

Dynamic (running fan)
Static (dead fan)
Closed (window)
Bright (light rays)
Black & White
et al…

However in totality, it is a colourful world as demonstrated in the following pic…

Hence, go out and demonstrate your love for this wonderful world…
Like this boy !!! LOL

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just on the lighter side

Saw this pic when I was browsing the net for pics, to post in the previous post on abnormal sexual behaviour. Though I didn’t use it there, this pic came to mind after I read the following news. I laughed for some time…

(Ancient Greek sodomising a goat, plate XVII from 'De Figuris Veneris' by F.K. Forberg)

This goat loves a tipple, meat!
(courtesy: ET)

If you think goats are vegetarian, you haven’t yet met Mantu – a male goat that eats meat and drinks liquor. The two-and-a-half-year-old goat lives at the Sana Bada Dhaba, a roadside eatery in Bargarh (Orissa). “The animal has been living in the dhaba since its birth and slowly developed the habit of eating NV food”, said dhaba owner Sana Naik. Mantu does not like grass. “The goat eats the cooked meat of other goats that we serve to customers”, he said. The goat also drinks liquor. It obeys commands. “If you ask it to perform a death scene, it will lie on the ground as if dead. You ask it to show a fight scene, it will demonstrate like a warrior”, he said.

The goat amuses customers and they share their food with it. “The goat is the main attraction of the eatery”, said Satya Mohanty, a frequent visitor. “Some goats that live with humans for a long time develop habits like humans”, said Subhendru Sudha Sarangi, a veterinary doctor.