Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life beyond (artificial) borders...

Hatred is spreading its wings in India (and world too). Once the division (major) was based on caste. Now, when inter-caste marriages are being supported to bridge the caste divide, new set of divisions like religion, ethnicity are being forced on us by the opportunists.

When I saw reports about a disturbed gun wielding Bihari being killed by Mumbai police in an empty bus (they could have easily arrested him than killing), I could sense how intolerant our society has become now. It is forcing many to take to extremism !! If such intolerance is not weeded out, as mentioned by me earlier, we may move to a stage where individuals will be nations !!!

In my family we seldom (excuse the oldies!) go based on caste-based leanings. In fact, few recent marriages in our family were inter-caste marriages. I’m happy that such a change is happening and I wholeheartedly support the current generation to go for it. This is how we mature as a tolerant society. I hope children from such inter-caste families would shun caste/ethnicity and pave way for a division-less society in future.

In the same way, I support trans border movement too. People should be encouraged/welcomed to work in other states/region. The government can provide additional grants to those villages whose demography is multi-ethnic (may be 75:25 ratio) and bar anyone from holding any public office (for life) if they incite ethnic violence (like Raj of MNS). This may pave way for more cross border movement and a mature society, which is both humanist and competitive (anyone who is ready to test in unknown waters is competitive too). Movement/presence of talent across will help in equitable development too.

And last but not the least, I wish more inter-religious marriages happen too and ultimately people shun religion and become atheist/humanists like me ;-)

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