Saturday, May 26, 2007

Copy Paste (CP) Contests and Productivity

Some of you are aware about the “Great Indian Blogger Hunt” (few call it Great Indian Copy-Paste Hunt), which is currently on at IBIBO.

Many have questioned ibibo’s approach in awarding points for plagiarism. Am not touching that topic here, but the effect of this approach in the long run.

Till now 3 rounds are over at ibibo and in all these rounds, mostly copy-paste (without interpretation) guys have got the maximum points and money. In all these rounds, ibibo has rewarded those who brought maximum traffic/activity, giving less importance to content quality. In the process, you will find in ibibo platform, people who have posted 10000 posts in 5 days and in its archive the maximum CP content.

Now the discussion points are:

If ibibo comes out successful commercially retaining the current approach of rewarding the CP guys, what effect will it have on the internet space?”

- Will other online companies also sense an opportunity in this approach and change their marketing strategy and replicate ibibo’s model?
- If that happens, what would be the combined productivity loss?
- Amount of garbage (duplication) that would accumulate over the internet space?
- How many would get entangled in legal issues for plagiarism?
- Will that push many to do mostly unproductive work and thus curtail creativity and add few more to the unskilled category?
- The effect of continuous bullet postings (2000 posts per day) on health
- more such questions

I would rather prefer ibibo to change its strategy and come out successful as a quality player in the market. It may take some more time, but would be a steady growth to the top. Their platform is more interactive comparatively and can hold participants together, provided the approach is genuine.

By doing so it won’t open a Pandora’s box. I wish it happens…

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Toddy (micro) & Beer (macro) Economics

Last weekend, for a change we (3 friends) decided to take the road less travelled !!! Otherwise it used to be some air-conditioned pub, where we gulp few bottles of beer / wine / rum. Married friends now prefer vodka, as it smells less and thus escape broomstick welcome. Seems wives hv to upgrade their sensory skills… Sometimes I feel they pretend as long as the danger zone is not reached.

Coming back, we packed our bags and travelled about 85 kilometers. It was too hot outside. The roads were empty - only few braved the heat. On our way, we pulled over at two places to refresh ourselves (nicotine content was less and needed to be replenished). Those two petty shops were doing robust business on soft drinks. They may be thanking the sun god and every person who braved heat.

Finally we reached the intended place. We saw one and our eyes popped out. We moved further inside and there were few more. Itz gonna be fun. We zeroed in on one and approached them. After verifying the essentials (including the prize), we settled at a place. No a/c, chairs or music. I looked around. Rows of palm tree, few thatched houses, cattle, hens, dogs, haystack, birds, cool breeze, few mats, et all…

Yes, it was a typical village. The mood is set. A sense of apprehension too, as we are going to have this after a huge gap (years)… After few minutes, the guy brought the earthen pot and placed it in front of us along with 3 tumblers. I looked at it. Oh man, it looked awesome.

Yes, it was TODDY. See the froth. Yeah. The guy poured it in 3 tumblers and enquired about ‘side-dish’. We ordered for masala chicken and boiled egg (masala mixed). As soon as he left, we looked at each other. It showed in our eyes. No more waiting. And the clink - Cheers!

Oh man, you have to taste it to really sovour it. A compo of sweet and sour…heavenly.

Now my business mind started working. Looked around. There were atleast 15 guys enjoying that heavenly taste and around 15 waiting with plastic bottles and cans to take the fresh stock home. They want to enjoy this fresh, healthy & natural drink in their comfort zone. If this being the case, why govt. is against it? Variety of factors – IMFL & Beer manufacturers eye better profit, adulteration & few more.

By this time, we finished the first pot and ordered for the second. When he came, I enquired about the business. As per him, it is good during weekends – Rs.2000/day. Means on an average they earn about 35000/month plus the profit from ‘side-dish’. Considering the negligible operational cost (excluding the ‘cut’ to administrators), it is good earning for a villager. If given a chance, they have the potential to double the turnover. MICRO economics – we want villages to remain villages.

We completed the second pot too and ordered for another half. The guy looked at us with awe. He didn’t expect us to be drunkards, bcos we LOOKED decent. “Don’t judge anyone by their looks”. However we were cool and are having only palm JUICE. Itz been long time and made use of the occasion. Finally we wound-up at 4pm. When he charged Rs.135, I was pleasantly surprised. It would have cost me a min. of Rs.1500 at a pub. Now I understand, why the govt. is against this heavenly drink. It is MACRO economics!

We then took leave. The guy thanked us and also cleared his doubt – “is he an actor?” Yes, one in that group of 3 is a small time actor. The guy was happy and wished us a happy journey.

We travelled about 3 kms and spotted backwater. Itz time to relax. Parked the car and settled on the grass. We went there to smoke. Rather we decided to go crazy again. Yes, we plunged into water and had a good time. Water was warm and salty, but the feel was cool.

Spotted the following (jelly fish, oyster) and I used my mobile to catch them...

A plan of 15 minutes finally ended after 2 hours. (We sat at the bank till our innerwear became dry). Finally I reached home around 10.30pm. Oh what a day it was...

…and itz going to be lager beer days for few more weekends, till we plan for one crazier trip again.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Who CREATED god?

I asked the priest: who CREATED god?

The priest was shocked and could not digest that question. He recuperated and asked: “Will you renounce atheism, if god appears in flesh and blood now?”

I said: “Yes – only after I get convincing answers for few of my questions and effect few changes on earth”.

He prayed and after few minutes, god was there. The priest apologized to god for requisitioning him to this EVIL world and explained the situation.

God said: “Okay my son, shoot your questions”

I asked him: “Who created you?”

God thought for a moment and said: “Well I’ll come back to that later”. Now tell me, if you are given a chance to effect a change in this world, “what will you opt for?”

I thought for a moment and answered:

“Fulfillment of INDIVIDUAL desires (one at a time) without affecting another individual. The process will be a world (without a savings account), where individual desires are fulfilled on continuous basis. If Tom or Dick or Harry need a palatial bungalow, they will get it immediately. If they need a cruise liner, they will get that the next moment. But the bungalow will vanish immediately. Thus the need is fulfilled immediately without giving room for greed/saving. After enjoying everything on earth; Tom, Dick & Harry may reach the self-actualization stage one day and opt for death…”

God thought about it for a moment and informed the priest to bring some water to sprinkle on me…

After some time I could feel the water being splashed on my face and a roar: “come on you dreamer, it is 8.30am and we have a client call today at 9.15am”.

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