Sunday, January 13, 2008

Listed Brothels in Fortune 500 List ?

This is in continuation to my previous post Live-Sex SBU.

I came across the following information at ‘actionaidindia’ site: “In Punjab among the upper caste Jat Sikh community just 500 girls were found for every 1000 boys in rural areas. In urban Punjab among Brahmins the ratio is a shocking 300”.

This sex ratio is quite shocking. If this trend continues, the dwindling female population would lead to social issues. In search of a partner, men may go overboard. Would that lead to approval of more listed brothels like the first listed brothel – Daily Planet.

My analysis is not only from the point of worsening sex-ratio, but also the increasing ratio of lesbians and female sex abuse (increase in number of cases reported for rape, molestation, online frauds). There are also chances that single women may prefer to have male baby, considering the female child sex abuses. This may further dent the sex ratio and strengthen organised brothels. If that happens more brothels may go public and get listed. Who knows (in future) few of them may also get a chance to get listed in the Fortune 500 List due to robust business/growth.

Considering online frauds, may be we will also come across more such boards (see below) in future !!!


The English Courtesan said...
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The English Courtesan said...

This is interesting and shocking stuff, Donkey Soup. You are quite right that changing the ratios of male to female is a) abhorrent in itself and b) a recipe for social disaster.

I laughed at the sign in your photo - methinks they doth protest too much? ;-)

Livvy xxx

Tina Holden said...

Dear Donkey Soup, landed here on your interesting blog. We're living in a world full of disaster. BTW, your discussion/poll about "who created god" is well and alive it seems.