Friday, September 21, 2007

Is this universe an Illusion?

Theists believe God created humans.

Atheists would ask “who CREATED god?”

Millions of years have passed and there is no concrete info about God or his impending arrival. We neither know why we are born nor what we will be after death. Still for millions of years, many have gone through this unknown process (birth/death) too.

What exactly is this birth and death for? As mentioned in my first blog post here, “(if god created humans) whether there was a REAL NEED to create human beings?”. What really happened to those who are dead in these million years? How many of them are dead? Are they (dead) really not concerned about what is happening on earth even after experiencing it? Or is the ID creator insane and also very much egoistic to listen to the dead messengers? What prevents him from establishing an ideal world? Why is he not interested to visit this world often and correct the deviants? Why is he waiting for long? Why can’t the billions of dead atleast come back once and say what actually is life? Is this universe a playground? Is this world an Illusion? Too many senseless questions… LOL

Got scared. Be Cool, bcos atleast one process is relatively known to us. ie the period between our birth and death. Let us make the most of it. Go and have some beer and enjoy this beautiful world.

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