Monday, August 27, 2007

Abnormal Sexual Behaviour

This is in continuation to my post on Sexual Orientation:

Now more and more people & countries have started accepting same sex marriage. We are at a stage where we are ready/forced to accept WHATEVER that achieves critical mass (in pursuit of short-term gains). If this trend continues, we may reach a stage where few may even justify marriage between human & animals and finally a stage where it will be free for all. This is what I have highlighted in one of my post (future of marriage) as Evolution re-visited !!!

Now you may ask, why such a reaction when it may not happen and the possible solutions (to stop this from happening). In this age of 'short-term benefits approach', only when the extreme possible after-effects are highlighted, people tend to take notice of the inherent/impending problem.

As far the solutions:

# Teach students from the school level about the possible negative effects of same sex relationships.
# Conduct psychoanalysis of students every year, identify the deviations and apply appropriate scientific interventions to correct abnormal sexual behaviour
# Include topics in moral classes that stress the importance for straight relationships.

Some of you may feel, same sex relationship is a natural phenomenon, because even animals are seen exhibiting this behaviour. Kindly note, that these are one-off cases. If you take a country, a small percentage of the population will be into criminal activities. If you take example of them and follow their way, then i feel humans should not claim to have the (perceived) sixth sense. It would be better to correct the criminals and take them to the mainstream, than to follow their footsteps.

Still not convinced, then i can't help. May be this world will go thru this process too (though a dubious one for me) and reach a saturation point in same sex relationships. May be when those people are tired of same sex or abnormal sexual relationships and when the human race is at the verge of extinction, the old approach (ie the present one) may get a new lease of life. So is it going to be cyclical process ???

I wish the mystery surrounding this universe, no longer remain a mystery. Scientists say this earth is few million years old. For few religious businessmen, god is preparing his launch vehicle and may land anytime. For me, neither i know the purpose of my birth nor i know what i will be after my death. As long as am alive, let my intentions be pure...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Whistle Blower Act

Feel Media can play this role better than individuals.

My suggestions are:

- Announce prize money/award for media (to expose corruption) - like the current hidden camera style sting operations.

- If the media company is itself involved in corruption (in collusion with the corrupt), then take back the prize for the first offence (or warn them if they have not been awarded till then) and cancel the license if it happens again.

- Media companies shall have a section in their website where Whistle Blower can leave details about corruption. Upon receipt of the details, they can conduct independent enquiry/sting operation and expose that corrupt practice and file the report with either High Court or Supreme Court for examination and award/sanction of prize money.

- Once the details are entered in the web site, a copy of the same should be sent as an acknowledgement to the Whistle Blower’s email address. If the media fails to act on that even after a specified period (say 3 months), the Whistle Blower can forward that acknowledgement to one designated email address, where it gets replicated and forwarded (automated process) to a group of authorities (like Chief Justice of High Court & Governor of the state).

The advantage here is, the Whistle Blower may register the corruption related details with more than one Media Company. Hence there is a chance that the final report could turn out to be a comprehensive one with views from different agencies/angles. If more than one agency files the report, prize money can be proportionately distributed.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making of a dubious startup

Create a social networking site. Announce a Blogging Contest, which has no rules and regulation. Engage some cronies, sycophants & monkeys. Teach them A B C D and inform them to type the same and publish them as blogs. Select those A B C D ‘blogs’ as the best ones and award Prizes & incentives to them. Monkeys are happy with peanuts and continue typing A B C D. Tie-up with few online networks and put in place the necessary marketing program. More monkeys join the race and the fun continues.

Unfortunately few genuine bloggers too join the race and start complaining about the quality & spamming. Ignore those suggestions, but it is time to create a false concern too. Create few blogs and take them to the top as usual using the ABCD method. Now more voices will be heard against such blogs. Cool. This is what you want. Delete those blogs created for this purpose and proclaim that action has been taken. Need to mention the credits. lol.

The site now gets the momentum and rapidly moves upwards the ranking charts. Records are created every second in terms of number of posts. Those who post (rather paste) 4000+ in 2 days become the hero. 10000+ posts per month will alone guarantee a creditable finish. However the page views start coming down, due to lack of quality. It is time to act (rather react), though false. Inform the cronies to raise the quality issue periodically, create a debate atmosphere and thus create false traffic. Award more points for CP comments, announce that the contest is over and few more gimmicks that would create temporary false traffic. However such acts too fizz out over a period of time and the effect shows at ranking charts. Downward movement starts.

All along you laugh your way to the taxman office. You can inflate your marketing, operations, administrative, and other expenditures and get the maximum rebate for the current and the parent organisation.

Unfortunately a wrong trend is set. The monkeys get conditioned to the ABCD work and start clogging other networks too. A phenomenon is born and who takes credit (!) for creating such a useless phenomenon.

If this useless phenomenon succeeds, I would like to write a book on the same. The title would read as “Making of a Dubious Startup” and its cover page would look like the one given below:

Read "CP contests and Productivity" too

Monday, August 06, 2007


Weekends are a welcome break these days. Hectic schedule drains out us fast, we need these weekends to get rejuvenated. East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai is among the most frequented one by weekenders. This stretch has space for people from all walks of life.

Based on your budget, you can either enjoy a comfy weekend at a star Resort or carry few beer bottles and have it by seaside. Kovalam, Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry are among the important tourist spots in this stretch.

If you have lots of money (land is too costly here), buy a piece of land at this stretch and start a resort or even a franchisee of any burger chain. The pace at which this place expands, am sure you will never repent about your ROI.
PS: These snaps are of one such resort. (not very good pics as they were taken using my hp)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Take a Leak...

Many of us love beer and more often look for a place (if it is not at a pub) to leak after having 2-3 bottles. After 2 bottles, most of us will be decent. Either we look for the toilet or atleast a secluded place (when we are having it in open/exotic location).

However the problem is we won't stop with 2 bottles. We may finish few more bottles and the fun starts from there. Thereafter, no inhibitions/reservations and we start behaving the way nature does(!). It could be right at the center of a busy road (in night there wont be traffic and people) or sea or create a temporary waterfall from over bridge or what not. Have seen this behaviour across all levels of people from corporate. It is a real fun !!!

However my dear friends, BEWARE !!! This is the age of small digital zoom cameras and tomorrow your pic may also land at world wide web as the one given below:

This advancement in technology takes away fun from life !!! LOL.