Saturday, April 28, 2007

2880 AD... a near death

Part V (to read previous chapters click here)

dS is on his way back. The shuttle will re-enter earth in 3 minutes. dS felt something unusual happening. His thought processes are going haywire. He is not able to concentrate. He could feel something unusual happening in his CTU server.

“B…S” – shouted dS. An attack on his CTU server. He recuperated and started thwarting the attempt. Group of ELs are on an all out attack. He somehow managed to shut all the intrusion points and quickly rebooted the server to 5th level, where no one can even dream of penetration. Simultaneously, he also got into the CTU of the attackers and analyzed their next intention. When he understood their next step, it was too late. The shuttle will blast in 5 seconds. dS immediately switched on the emergency protective cover around him. Before he could think of next step, it’s all over.

dS is now floating in space…alone. Fortunately he had stationed another one for emergency purpose at Mars. He sent the message for its release. Though ELs are not aware about this alternative vehicle, dS did not want to take any chance. He ensured that it emits signal, which are known only to him. It will take another 1 hour to reach. He started analyzing the weak points.

Yes. It should have started the previous night. dS felt comfortable then and had lowered the firewall setting to level-3, because at level-4 his approach will be more mechanical and that may not help him mingle with MLs. That opportunity was used by a group of opportunistic ELs. They had intruded into his server and would have come to know about dS’s plan for Earth on his return. That made them to take this drastic step. The moral – never take anyone lightly…

dS then started planning his next steps. Once that was over, his thoughts went back to Mars and the two days of his stay there. The kind of people he met and finally about the courtesan. What if she…??? A junior dS on Mars soil !!!

Before he could fantasize further, the alternative vehicle had come. Itz time to move on and prepare for an interesting war back home…

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