Thursday, April 19, 2007

2259 AD

Part-II (3007 AD-part I)

For 150 years since 2007, ELs enjoyed CD based life in Earth. As death was under their control, morality went for a toss. In 2157, a kind of dissatisfaction started setting in with the ELs and they approached donkeySOUP (dS) to explore options beyond earth. dS gave permission to explore Mars.

As earth had more water (oxygen), life was revolving around it. If that were the case, is there a possibility of other forms of life in Mars, which revolve around what is readily available there?

Subsequent year’s studies were based on this assumption. CO2, which was abundant in Mars, was dissected in various forms & forums and finally in 2257 it was found that life is very much available in Mars. However it was not in human form. The form was not visible to human eyes. A hyper sensor picked up the signals and a link was established with Martians.

2258 – A group of ELs blasted off to Mars. Negotiations with Martians to convert a part of Mars for ELs habitation failed and the group returned empty handed. ELs were agitated and demanded immediate action. dS was approached. dS was against any action and respected Martian way of life. However ELs were hell bound to retaliate. A referendum was called for.

After long time, the CTU server of dS will face heavy traffic. dS for obvious reason gave 107 seconds for decision making, hoping few would think and react. Unfortunately it was not so. Within 5 seconds, 92 percent had registered their vote for retaliation. At the end of 107 seconds, the voting percentage read as 97 percent in favour of retaliation, 1 percent against and 2 percent not registering their vote. dS gave permission to the representative decision making body to take a call on the type of action to be taken. They decided on destroying the life form on Mars !!!

March, 2259 – Preparation was on for the launch of IPBMs from 4 different locations. On 19.04.2259, 4 IPBMs blasted off from Kennedy Space Centre, Dombarovsky base, Kourou-French Guiana & Sriharikota. Mars’s average temperature was –63 degrees C and max was 20 degrees C. Hence the approach was to increase it to 60 degrees C and it succeeded. By Nov-2259, all hyper sensors installed at different base centres in earth confirmed the good news for ELs and obviously the bad one for dS… Extinction of native life form of Mars was confirmed telepathically to all the ELs and result was seen in the streets & sky. It was enjoyment everywhere.

dS felt bad for the native Martians and decided to review Mars surface after some time for new life formation. Gestation period was set at 200 years.

That evening he had 4 bottles of Castle Lager. The first three gave him solace and the last one the boost he needed. With lots of good things for Mars (running in his mind), dS decided to hit the sack…

He heard the following from nearby building:

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played it till my fingers bled…

May be the EL who was playing it, belong to the 1 percent who voted against…

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