Thursday, April 26, 2007

2880 AD…a rebirth

Part IV (to read previous chapters click here)

April 2880 AD - dS was received by 6th generation MLs and then introduced to the 7th & 8th generation MLs. Representatives from different regions had come to meet dS. Wow what a great occasion it was for dS & MLs.

dS was then escorted to a cave situated at a beautiful mountain range. It was the community center for MLs from that region. Party time was announced for the night. Leaders from different regions presented the unadulterated progress that had happened in their region over the years. Population had increased, at the same time resources have been maintained too. The central as well as the regional ERP systems worked effectively to weed out any imbalances & keep pace with the expansion. GM technology was used judiciously. The result was zero-inflation economy.

The events that unfolded after the presentation were fun & frolic… Champagne, Red Wine & Draught Beer were the principal beverages for that night. dS & MLs enjoyed that night to the core. It was winding up time and dS been informed about the services of courtesan. It’s been long time… Oh man, that was one among the best nights for dS !!! Itz then dS felt, why the oldest profession in this universe is still active. Fortunately in Mars, courtesan service is reserved only for those who are single (ie after the natural death of their wife).

Night was calm; and the breeze was heavenly. Somewhere someone was imitating Kenneth Gorelick…and dS slipped into sleep zone.

A soft melody of a cuckoo woke him up in the morning. Smell of jasmine invited him outside. Wow, what a scene it was… cherries, dewdrops, mist and the cuckoo song. He lighted a cigar and started savouring the moment. A glance down and far gave him the glimpse of true nature. A cheetah at its best and an unfortunate deer subdued…nature at its best.

After breakfast, dS was taken around the county and shown its cultural leanings. Animals & plants were valued as part of the system. There were logs with smoke where MLs hang the meat on a wire and smoke all the day and use them for a week. Eat fruits off the tree. Rock art for artistic MLs, thru which they conveyed the custom, stories, song & dance of the region. There were rock shelters, stone tools & cemeteries. Fortunately there was no religion, because for every ML, the question “who created god” has been embedded into their brains.

dS also noticed snow, charming ladies, passionate lovemaking and pregnant women. They were good signs and gave a strong indication that MLs have an enriching life ahead… This self-reliance and purity in MLs gave confidence to dS to return back to earth.

In the mean time, he fell in love with Venus !!!

26.04.2880 – Night flight to Venus sorry Earth, because he has some unfinished work there…

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