Friday, May 04, 2007

Who CREATED god?

I asked the priest: who CREATED god?

The priest was shocked and could not digest that question. He recuperated and asked: “Will you renounce atheism, if god appears in flesh and blood now?”

I said: “Yes – only after I get convincing answers for few of my questions and effect few changes on earth”.

He prayed and after few minutes, god was there. The priest apologized to god for requisitioning him to this EVIL world and explained the situation.

God said: “Okay my son, shoot your questions”

I asked him: “Who created you?”

God thought for a moment and said: “Well I’ll come back to that later”. Now tell me, if you are given a chance to effect a change in this world, “what will you opt for?”

I thought for a moment and answered:

“Fulfillment of INDIVIDUAL desires (one at a time) without affecting another individual. The process will be a world (without a savings account), where individual desires are fulfilled on continuous basis. If Tom or Dick or Harry need a palatial bungalow, they will get it immediately. If they need a cruise liner, they will get that the next moment. But the bungalow will vanish immediately. Thus the need is fulfilled immediately without giving room for greed/saving. After enjoying everything on earth; Tom, Dick & Harry may reach the self-actualization stage one day and opt for death…”

God thought about it for a moment and informed the priest to bring some water to sprinkle on me…

After some time I could feel the water being splashed on my face and a roar: “come on you dreamer, it is 8.30am and we have a client call today at 9.15am”.

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