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2259-2880 AD

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2459 AD - 200 years have gone since the four IPBMs destroyed Mars…During this period the situation on Earth was worsening day after day. The mad rush for technology was taking its toll. dS felt that the time to act has come…

On the positive side, about 2% of the ELs approached dS to reset the development process to zero and take them back by 10000 years. However being a minority, their wish was voted down. dS had other plans for these 2%. He put them on ‘revive the mars’ project and they were christened as MLs.

The base stations at earth as well as the satellite pictures confirmed that the maximum temperature in mars has come down from plus 60 degree to plus 30 degrees. During this transition process, H2O bearing silicates have given way for formation of water bodies too. The CO2% had also surprisingly come down to 40% from 95%.

It was then decided to change the genetic/dna composition of MLs, so that they sustain in high CO2 environment too. After 3 months of trials on monkeys, it was tested on a ML who volunteered. The clinical trial went on for few more months and then successfully applied across (on all the MLs).

May 2460 AD – All the MLs blasted off from Kennedy Space Centre, Dombarovsky base, Kourou-French Guiana & Sriharikota in 50 GSLVs to Mars. It included representation from all the species; who volunteered to live an enriching life there without corrupting the basics. Upon reaching there MLs confirmed to dS about the safe landing and their distribution as small groups across Mars. dS felt happy…

420 years which followed that event; were among the worst phase on earth. Water bodies started shrinking. EL scientists worked more on bionic advancements and less dependence on nature, because the global warming started eroding the nature to the maximum. Most of the consumer goods lost its importance due to technological advancement. Genetically modified ELs could sustain without nourishment for months together. Food and liquid were modified in such a way that there was no wastage at all. This was done, as no one was interested to clean toilets & garbage. Those businesses which were only dependent on toilets had to shut down.

Airlines were a past. As people used more of telepathy, ELs slowly lost control over voice/sound. This, compounded by less dependence on food for sustenance, resulted in jaws getting jammed and no one cared about it too. It was bad news for dentists. As ELs preferred wings to commute, the lower part of the body slowly lost its strength and importance. ELs were not able to stand on their legs for more than 5 minutes. Footwear companies suffered the most due to this. Worst followed in many other consumer goods based industries. Unemployment rate was increasing day by day. Compound Annual Slowing Rate was getting worse and by 31.03.2880, 70% of ELs opted for Death and perished. The sectors, which still showed robust CAGR were the ones, which dealt with telepathy software/hardware and bionic component manufacturers.

During this downturn there was one song; which ruled the charts.
“He said son you are a bachelor boy
And thats the way to stay.
Son, you be a bachelor boy
until your dyin day…”

420 years of literal jail for dS on Earth and it is time for him to visit Mars/MLs and evaluate the progress there.

April 2880 AD – dS lands on Mars and a mass reception awaited him there…

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