Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Give scientists a chance

For long religion in one form or other has tried to justify the existence of god. However it has failed miserably.

One hot topic, which sent shivers down the spine during school days, was the impending end of world and return of god by the end of century. That never happened. We have since then moved to different levels (like theists, atheists, agnostics, etc). I prefer to call myself an atheist now, because as mentioned in my first post here, I doubt the basic INTENTION. Even if this so called God returns in future, I won’t value him as god, because the intention was not right. For this reason I feel comfortable being identified as an atheist than an agnostic.

Now that for many years we followed religion and still not able to see god in flesh and blood, isn’t it time for us to follow and support the scientific community in its endeavor to find the source of universe? Science in its shorter span was able to give more concrete evidences and possibilities, than religion. As religion has been static in identifying the real source of life, I back the dynamic science to forge further in this endeavor and unravel the mystery surrounding us. (If not me, atleast the future generation shall benefit)

Till then (for me), neither i know the purpose of my birth nor i know what i will be after my death. As long as am alive, let my intentions be pure...

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