Thursday, October 13, 2005

Definition – Evolution !!!

The way intersectional ideas evolve and being pursued for implementation, we can imagine a different world tomorrow. A human-being may travel from Chennai to Chicago without any artificial travel support. He may run faster than Cheetah to replace a motor-vehicle. Have endurance like a Camel to travel long without being exhausted. Fly like an intercontinental Siberian Crane to cross water bodies and mountains. If human is supposed to be a byproduct of a single cell, then in future he will even grow wings and fly. The fusion of genes will be more complex and advanced, that he will use his different abilities/skills in an intelligent way without getting exhausted.

Though the above looks like a crude fantasy, the emerging individualistic life style, frequent traffic-snarls and the depleting energy reserves may force future generations to look at such alternative avenues - whether to this extent of going far beyond natural is doubtful (?), but when the human being has started to deviate from the natural such changes are bound to happen. What is acknowledged as natural today (due to achieving the critical mass) was not considered a natural activity earlier. [Definition of 'Marriage' in a dictionary is a legal union between a man and a woman. Today a marriage can be between same sexes (No slight intended). Tomorrow it could be between different species???].

If such a scene becomes a reality, how do we DEFINE such “beings”?

Should I feel happy for having born earlier???

- donkeySOUP


savramesh said...

our hormones hijacked our intelligence, so we will go through all possible ways of evolution.. :)

Chia said...

If such physical Evolution is possible then human being should have been walking on one leg long ago...But you might turn your ideas from physical evolution to ideological evolution and that would be reasonable.