Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just on the lighter side

Saw this pic when I was browsing the net for pics, to post in the previous post on abnormal sexual behaviour. Though I didn’t use it there, this pic came to mind after I read the following news. I laughed for some time…

(Ancient Greek sodomising a goat, plate XVII from 'De Figuris Veneris' by F.K. Forberg)

This goat loves a tipple, meat!
(courtesy: ET)

If you think goats are vegetarian, you haven’t yet met Mantu – a male goat that eats meat and drinks liquor. The two-and-a-half-year-old goat lives at the Sana Bada Dhaba, a roadside eatery in Bargarh (Orissa). “The animal has been living in the dhaba since its birth and slowly developed the habit of eating NV food”, said dhaba owner Sana Naik. Mantu does not like grass. “The goat eats the cooked meat of other goats that we serve to customers”, he said. The goat also drinks liquor. It obeys commands. “If you ask it to perform a death scene, it will lie on the ground as if dead. You ask it to show a fight scene, it will demonstrate like a warrior”, he said.

The goat amuses customers and they share their food with it. “The goat is the main attraction of the eatery”, said Satya Mohanty, a frequent visitor. “Some goats that live with humans for a long time develop habits like humans”, said Subhendru Sudha Sarangi, a veterinary doctor.

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