Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Format

A crap idea came my way. It is being shared here for your feedback. For a change read the following from the last line (left to right. start from "Visited...topic", 2nd line: "It...lines", 3rd line: "Hence...", last line: "us in the long run")

us in the long run.
icult in the beginning, but I feel in this age of emails, it would help
om one (ie the typed lines should move down). We may find it diff-
one) goes automatically to the top line (when typing) than the bott-
products change the set up, wherein the continuity cursor (blinking
in one direction. I wish Microsoft (for its outlook atleast) and similar
It was then I thought of this format, so that the cursor movement is
which was irritating. We face this problem while reading emails too.
Hence I had to constantly move the cursor ‘up-down-up-down’,
It was a long thread (50+ replies) with few replies having 15+ lines.
Visited an egroup after long time. There was an interesting topic.

You feel like kicking me? Good I didn’t share this in person…

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