Thursday, August 02, 2007

Take a Leak...

Many of us love beer and more often look for a place (if it is not at a pub) to leak after having 2-3 bottles. After 2 bottles, most of us will be decent. Either we look for the toilet or atleast a secluded place (when we are having it in open/exotic location).

However the problem is we won't stop with 2 bottles. We may finish few more bottles and the fun starts from there. Thereafter, no inhibitions/reservations and we start behaving the way nature does(!). It could be right at the center of a busy road (in night there wont be traffic and people) or sea or create a temporary waterfall from over bridge or what not. Have seen this behaviour across all levels of people from corporate. It is a real fun !!!

However my dear friends, BEWARE !!! This is the age of small digital zoom cameras and tomorrow your pic may also land at world wide web as the one given below:

This advancement in technology takes away fun from life !!! LOL.

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Franco said...'re so so funny. Poor fellow...him!! Thanks for sharing. Cool blog.