Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beer in Office

Recently there was a discussion in a forum about having beer in office. There were supporting and opposing arguments.

One among the supporting argument was: rather than leaving office early to have beer, employees can have it at office and continue their work. For them, ultimately the organisation is benefited (productivity angle). One remarked, “look at the end and not the means”.

We should know when and where the end (alone) matters. If two colleagues wanna spend some intimate time, can they continue at their cubicle and get back to work, complete the project and take home productivity bonus ???

Am not game for this, because employees will have 2 cans (restriction) at office and few more from a nearby pub. Unfortunately on their way home, if they are involved in an accident or misbehaves, then the blame will be on the organisation.

I love the bubbly, but prefer to have it at a pub / exotic locations. Feel like having one now? Take a walk to the nearby pub (not at office pls) and Enjoy.

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fastfastlane said...

Wow, I can't believe anyone could condone drinking in the office.

In Canada, the business could be held liable if the person was in a fatal crash asfter leaving the office. Same applies to bars.