Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making of a dubious startup

Create a social networking site. Announce a Blogging Contest, which has no rules and regulation. Engage some cronies, sycophants & monkeys. Teach them A B C D and inform them to type the same and publish them as blogs. Select those A B C D ‘blogs’ as the best ones and award Prizes & incentives to them. Monkeys are happy with peanuts and continue typing A B C D. Tie-up with few online networks and put in place the necessary marketing program. More monkeys join the race and the fun continues.

Unfortunately few genuine bloggers too join the race and start complaining about the quality & spamming. Ignore those suggestions, but it is time to create a false concern too. Create few blogs and take them to the top as usual using the ABCD method. Now more voices will be heard against such blogs. Cool. This is what you want. Delete those blogs created for this purpose and proclaim that action has been taken. Need to mention the credits. lol.

The site now gets the momentum and rapidly moves upwards the ranking charts. Records are created every second in terms of number of posts. Those who post (rather paste) 4000+ in 2 days become the hero. 10000+ posts per month will alone guarantee a creditable finish. However the page views start coming down, due to lack of quality. It is time to act (rather react), though false. Inform the cronies to raise the quality issue periodically, create a debate atmosphere and thus create false traffic. Award more points for CP comments, announce that the contest is over and few more gimmicks that would create temporary false traffic. However such acts too fizz out over a period of time and the effect shows at ranking charts. Downward movement starts.

All along you laugh your way to the taxman office. You can inflate your marketing, operations, administrative, and other expenditures and get the maximum rebate for the current and the parent organisation.

Unfortunately a wrong trend is set. The monkeys get conditioned to the ABCD work and start clogging other networks too. A phenomenon is born and who takes credit (!) for creating such a useless phenomenon.

If this useless phenomenon succeeds, I would like to write a book on the same. The title would read as “Making of a Dubious Startup” and its cover page would look like the one given below:

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