Monday, January 19, 2009

Research on Female Orgasms

In recent times, people have come up with so many research studies. Some are controversial, some contradicts the earlier research on the same subject (like coffee is good/bad), some because of questionable funding, and some are baseless. In one such recent study, scientists have found that the pleasure women get from making love is directly linked to the size of their partner’s bank balance !!

I don’t go fully with findings of this study. Though on the one hand money remains a main motivator and catalyst in many a successful venture, it cannot be the sole criteria in this case. Extra-marital relationships or Threesome encounters continue to exist because these women are NOT satisfied with their current partner (eventhough they are rich).

I found the following comments on this topic interesting. Read and Enjoy!

"Due to the Global Credit Crisis, I've been receiving 30% less orgasms from my partner..."

"Hey ! what's six inches long and sends women crazy? ...a hundred dollar note, naturally"

"ahhh thats why, none of my partners have ever climaxed, and here i was thinking it was me when all along it was my bank balance.....ive been making deposits in the totally wrong area"

"Maybe a man is more likely to become wealthy if his partner has more orgasms!"

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