Saturday, November 03, 2007


Any language, (if not documented) would still be evolving because of the dynamic nature of humans. Humans graduated from sign language to sound-oriented language to the modern documented form of language. During the time of Kings, few wise men understood the opportunity in documenting and developing the languages. They made money by praising the Kings and the influential, using their language skills. It was considered a vocation then.

However fortunately the dynamic human mind never stopped working. It has come of age. Language is now only a medium for him. In this computer age, he has different fields to make money. His priorities keep changing. Explore and simplify are among his important priorities. He ignores anything, which is not keeping pace with him. He loves change and dynamism. Those who are not able to cope-up with this dynamism, lose in the long run. Language is one. Few languages are adamant / averse to change. Either they will be forced to change or will see a natural death. Hinglish (Hindi & English) words getting into dictionaries is a step in this direction.

Remember this is not the age of kings & poets, but of space age. Simplify, simplify and simplify …

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IdleMind said...

hey DS, found u now ... that avatar made the trick!! and yes, languages mean nothing today, communication makes the difference. In our age, any permutation and combination of language is considered a language! Simple time, right?