Saturday, March 10, 2007

Were females first to develop weapons?

After reading the below given news item, i felt wives can now confidently throw the utensils over their erring husbands and blame their genes !!! ha.haa... Males beware !

Read the following in 'The Economic Times':

Were females first to develop weapons?
Males may have the brawn, but a study supports the theory that females used their brains to develop the first weapons. This was an evolution of necessity, the research, released on Wednesday, suggests, because females did not have the strength or leisure to compete with males for prey that could be hunted by hand. Anthropologists studying chimpanzees in Senegal have discovered that female chimps regularly gnaw down sticks and use them as spears to hunt their prey. Many animals have been known to use tools but this was the first time researchers observed an animal using a weapon to hunt.

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