Friday, November 25, 2005

Vegetarianism and Convenience Management

I think the core of the message in my previous post on vegetarianism is wrongly understood. I have rather highlighted the positives of each food in a particular setting.

The message was: Not to negatively brand those who eat non-vegetarian food.

It is an inter-connected world out there. During harvest humans cut the plants, kill them and feed(rather dispose) the cattle. As such cattle act as garbage dump and decomposition agent. For our selfish means we blame cattle. Convenience Management.

Animals rather do favour to the ecosystem through grazing. They graze on unwanted plants and in turn reduce the growth/spread of plant eating insects and its related troubles. We set-up big chemical plants and use chemicals to nourish and sustain the vegetation, so that we can feed on them. Convenience Management.

Scope of Pain: We need to be in other’s shoes to feel it. Convenience Management.

Herbivore, Carnivore, etc: We need to balance the ecosystem the natural way by co-existence.

Philosophy: Subjective. One of my earlier post is pasted below:
Definition of Marriage in a dictionary is a legal union between a man and a woman. Today a marriage can be between same sexes (No slight intended). Tomorrow it could be between different species??? If such a scene becomes a reality, how do we define DEFINITION. Convenience Management.

Can the people living in snow covered areas imagine about farming. I think natives of ice world (including Eskimos) cannot rely on vegetarian food. Imagine a water/ice covered world. Will you starve to death? Naturally we start looking for available food. Convenience Management.

Apropos, this world revolves around Convenience Management. What is bad to someone in a particular situation is good to some other in a different situation. Hence let us not negatively brand others for our convenience.

Every food has its advantage in a particular setting.

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