Friday, October 14, 2005


General notion is that those who eat vegetables do not fall under the category of those who directly/indirectly support killing of living beings for food and sin is not committed. I have a different opinion on this:

If killing has a common meaning, then it applies across the board – whether it is killing a plant, a yolk or an animal. Here all are “Living Beings”. Since because plants discharge only colourless fluids instead of red colour blood, should not categorize them as a “non-living being”.

If killing the living being for food is viewed as sin/evil, then those who predominantly have vegetarian food are to be blamed for maximum killing. Theoretically, killing a goat or a yolk is like killing a ‘single living being’. Whereas having a ‘Dhal Fry’ would mean killing hundreds of living beings. Every seed has the potential to grow into a plant. Destroying one seed is equivalent to destroying one egg.

Am not discussing here about the health advantages of having vegetarian food over non-vegetarian food, rather the negative notion attached to non-vegetarian food. Every food has its advantage in a particular setting.

It is high time that we need to re-look into the concept of vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food. Rather food should be categorized based on its scientific composition (like Protein-rich, Fatty, Sugar-rich, etc). This will help general population to plan their food habits.



savramesh said...

Think this way too.. We eat mutton and beef, now what do they eat ? ofcourse plant based food.. to make every KG of meat we should feed them so much amount of plants, grains etc.. So in this way the more killing of plant life happens through meat eating..

Every human or animal is depending on plants directly or indirectly for food.. So in this way we can think that plants are basically meant for food.. and may be because of that we are not able to feel its pain..

ATHEIST said...

Cattle will continue to eat plants to survive.

Also MORE (unlike animals we waste a lot) number of plants will be KILLED by us to compensate for the loss of meat. Thus NVs score over Vegs in this account too.