Saturday, December 10, 2005

Visionary Intention


Many of us live in a false world of wrong assumptions and dance to the tunes of fear.

When we rate a living being based on his/her/its intention, why not question the fundamentals?

When an instrument created goes wrong, a sensible human will immediately try to rectify the same. Read the INTENTION.

If a mortal has sense to reverse his wrong doing, why not God (who has control over everything)? Why there has been a long wait? It raises various 'senseless' assumptions.

One such is: 'Remember the fights in the film Gladiator (the best of the species get the privilege to watch gory).'

I repeat, the above is only a SENSELESS assumption.

My question was simple and straight:
"Whether there was a REAL need for the creator? Is he not divine enough to predict the gory future and stop it in the beginning itself?"

Why did not God force love? Why was Lucifer/wicked-thinking allowed or even created? Read the INTENTION.

LOVE IS GOD” is more relevant than “God is Love”.

- donkeySOUP

Msg posted by Dave in catholicquestions:

God is a Family. He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is the Trinity: three Persons in one divine nature. The Father and Son share love for each other and give each other so much love that the love they give eternally is the distinct divine Person of the Holy Spirit. God created the heavens out of love and He created His creatures to love and to be loved. True love is not forced, it is a choice and so God gave His creatures free-will so that they could choose to love Him or not to love Him. Lucifer filled with pride wanted to be greater than God and chose not to love God but rather took him and his followers to spite God. God created the world and animals then decided to make a creature in His own image "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness" that mankind could then share in the love of the Trinity -so with similarities of the Trinity - husband and wife share a love so deep that when they become one the love they share becomes a distinct person; however Lucifer tempted Adam and Eve so that they would fall into sin and they did...
however God choose not to start all over or to wipe out the human race but rather used the fall of Adam and Eve to eventually give Lucifer the biggest blow of giving Mary the grace of being immaculately conceived to undue the knots of Eve so that she would be a worthy dwelling place for God the Father's Son who would become flesh and defeat Satan by offering His own Body and Blood to mankind so that they could participate in the family of God which is now being
lived out through the Church.

God is love.

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